GRIGA Attached


Choose your ideal lanyard system and keep your GRIGA multi-tool where it needs to be.
Always attached, on your belt, in your pocket, in your hand.


GRIGA attached! The tool lanyard rig.

Like all good design, our lanyard system was developed out of need.

Over the years of field testing GRIGA we found a requirement for a bespoke tethered tool system…so we created our own and because people work in different ways we want to bring you a system with a choice.

  • Starting with the 75mm (3 inch) belt loop because the one on your jeans is just not strong enough.
  • For those who prefer not to have tools in your pocket we then bolted a strong magnet to the belt loop to “keep your GRIGA attached!” and on your hip…right where you need it. This will also help to prevent you from wearing a hole in your back pocket as we have all done with tools over the years!
  • The 300mm (12 inch) coil-spring leash stretches to 900mm (36 inch) is a PU core with a Paracord sleeve for extra strength and resistance to abrasion.
  • Attached is a 50mm (2 inch) carabiner clip, small and light with a locking gate to prevent accidental release.


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