GRIGA Multi tool


  • GRIGA is a tough, light, compact, and ergonomic multi-tool; essential for the busy professional technician.
  • Perfect for working in challenging conditions and safely working at height.
  • Tried, tested, and loved by crews around the globe.
  • Available Now.


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Our Philosophy for GRIGA and its features:
one piece, one material, no moving parts
A real multi-tool.


One Piece

Every design aspect of the GRIGA has been carefully considered.
The form of GRIGA follows function so we started with our hands to achieve the most ergonomic shape and structure. That’s why GRIGA feels intuitive and looks the way it does.


One Material

Our GRIGA multi-tool is manufactured using ‘Grade A’ quality stainless steel.


No Moving Parts

As purists, it was important to us that this was a single quality material, a single ‘part’ with no pins, clips, springs or ratchets…because eventually, even the best ones break!
GRIGA multi-purpose tool benefits 11 working tools in one compact handle, saves you carrying many tools around or running back to the toolbox every two minutes.

  • Off-point turning. A perfect example of form and function. The curved contact with the flat sides of the hexagonal nut/bolt head guarantees not to slip or ‘round-off’ the corner points. Furthermore, if the hexagonal head is already damaged and you need to turn it, off-point turning will still function with up to 40% rounded off.
  • Designed to loosen wingnuts and crack open shackles all with the multifunctional form of GRIGA; making light work of negotiating stubborn fasteners and fixings.
  • Tear through tape, film and light-weight straps, even strip wire with the safety cutter.
  • Slot in a 1/4” extension bar and GRIGA becomes a ’T’-Bar to drive all your bits.
  • GRIGA is designed so that you can continue working with either end of the tool while still tethered with a lanyard system.

Over time your GRIGA may accumulate dirt and debris; your GRIGA can be cleaned with a mild solution of detergent and water. Once dry we recommend you maintain the beautiful looks of the Griga by treating it yearly with a low viscosity oil (e.g. GT85 with PTFE), which will provide it with a protective layer and resist corrosion.




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